Főoldal / Dalszövegek / Közreműködések


  1. Airplanes (B.o.B.)
  2. Airplanes, Part II (B.o.B. & Eminem)
  3. All Circles (mewithoutYou)
  4. Bed Intruder Song (Jordan Pundik, Ethan Luck)
  5. Bury It (Chvrches)
  6. Fallen (Death In The Park) / Elesve
  7. Fallen (Acoustic) [Death In The Park] / Elesve (Akusztikus)
  8. Fox Dream Of The Log Flume (mewithoutYou)
  9. Gersberms (Hard ‘n Phirm)
  10. Keep Dreaming Upside Down (October Fall)
  11. Nineteen (Tegan and Sara-feldolgozás)
  12. Plea (Say Anything)
  13. Stay The Night (Zedd) / Maradj ma éjjel
  14. Stay The Night (Acoustic) [Zedd]
  15. Tangled Up (New Found Glory)
  16. The Few That Remain (Set Your Goals)
  17. Then Came To Kill (The Chariot)
  18. The Church Channel (Say Anything)
  19. Vicious Love (New Found Glory) / Vérszomjas szerelem
  20. Wearing Your Ring (What’s Eating Gilbert) / Viselem a gyűrűdet
  21. What’s His Name (Domestikated)